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The SEFFILINE® kits are meant for the various fields of application in Regenerative Medicine.

SEFFILLER® is designed for use in the medical facilities of physicians devoted to Aesthetic Medicine. The Regenerative Therapy through autologous grafting of adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) in the subcutaneous tissue grants the aesthetic physician the capability of performing a real Regenerative Therapy on his patients with an easy, safe, effective and standardized treatment.

SEFFICARE® is designed for use in hospitals and clinics where the Regenerative Therapy is performed in support of all the various medical specialties e.g. dermatology, vulnology, orthopedics, vascular surgery, cardiology, gynecology, otolaryngology, colonproctology.
This kit has been developed to enable even those physicians who have no specific experience in harvesting subcutaneous adipose tissue to perform the Regenerative Therapy in an EASY, SAFE, EFFECTIVE and STANDARDIZED way.

SEFFIHAIR®️ The PROTOCOL designed to TREAT non-atrophic hair follicles, resulting in REGROWTH, THICKENING and improvement of HAIR QUALITY

The SEFFIGYN® medical device is designed for physicians who want to tap in the potential of microfragmented adipose tissue in the genitourinary syndrome, to promote spontaneous regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers in the female genital region, to restore the peculiar characteristics of the fertile age, such as elasticity, softness and hydration.

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